Suspension Allograft

AmnioAMP-EXS™ is a minimally manipulated collagen matrix suspension allograft carefully selected from gestational derived biologics from consenting, pre-screened donor mothers delivering healthy babies by scheduled Caesarean section and preserved in fluid form. It is rich in trophic factor expressions that aid in the healing cascade. The suspension allograft is uniquely characterized by the promotion of significant anti-inflammatory activity and regeneration.  AmnioAMP-EXS™ works by limiting the body’s secondary response to inflammation.

Particulate Suspension Allograft

AmnioAMP-X™ is a collagen matrix suspension allograft carefully selected from placental derived biologics and preserved in fluid form.  It is rich in extracellular matrix components that aid in the healing response.  The suspension allograft is characterized by the promotion of significant Anti-inflammatory activity and regeneration.   AmnioAMP-X™ works by limiting the body’s secondary response to inflammation in the healing process and greatly reduces the risk of complications and failure.


AmnioAMP-MP™ is an amniotic membrane allograft that may be used as a therapeutic active barrier agent in numerous clinical applications. The membrane forms a protective covering over the wound to preserve tissue structure and biologic integrity.  The allograft provides the key components found in human amnion including an intact extracellular matrix (ECM), cytokines and other growth factors. AmnioAMP-MP™ created with our proprietary PūrAMP process.

Purified Amnion

AmnioAmp-PF™ is a non-structural allograft derived from amniotic fluid that is rich in extracellular matrix components, growth factors, proteins, and cytokines, which facilitate proliferation of cells to the site of injury.  AmnioAmp-PF™ works by limiting the body’s inflammatory response and supports the regeneration of healthy tissue.
AmnioAmp-PF™  can be used to support healing of soft tissues in degenerative conditions and in joint and tendon injuries.


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Harness the innate healing power of the human body

CellGenuity offers physicians the most effective biomaterials for improving patient outcomes in regenerative medicine.  Our amniotic products harness the innate healing power of the human body, aiding physicians in their efforts to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.


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Particulate Suspension Allograft

Membrane Allograft

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