Purified Amnion Fluid

The body’s own healing process can break down due to uncontrolled inflammation.

Allograft Patch

Without support for successful tissue remondeling, damaged tissues can result in uncontrolled inflammation.

The Healing Power of AMNION

Proprietary PurAMP ProcessTM

AmnioEXS-PTM is a minimally manipulated collagen matrix suspension allograft carefully selected from gestational derived biologics from consenting, pre-screened donor mothers delivering healthy babies by scheduled Caesarean section and preserved in fluid form. It is rich in trophic factor expressions that aid in the healing cascade. The suspension allograft is uniquely characterized by the promotion of significant anti-inflammatory activity and regeneration. AmnioEXS-PTM works by limiting the body’s secondary response to inflammation.

When applied, AmnioEXS-PTM is held in place with adherent properties from type 2 collagen matrix. The particulate along with the abundant trophic factors, cytokines, growth factors and exosomes helps to avoid secondary fibroblastic deformation of the tissue and supports proper tissue structure.


Provides a localized anti-inflammatory that significantly lowers the bodies inflammatory response which can lead to rejection and failure.

Provides an adhesion barrier to mitigate scar tissue formation.

Helps with the healing process in soft tissue and supports proper remodeling.

Promotes a natural healing cascade within the body.

Therapies Comparison


AmnioEXS-PTM easily flows through a 25G needle, and can be applied directly into the application site for precise targeting and ease of use. The AmnioEXS-P™ has adherent properties at the application site by its nature supplied biomechanical scaffolding on which new tissue can occur.


  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Topical burns
  • Chronic and acute wounds
  • Surgical wound sites
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Dynamic Joint Injuries
  • Muscle Tears

Features of AmnioEXS-PTM

Ready to use – AmnioEXS-PTM is provided in a sterile vial that can be introduced to a sterile field.

Short Term Storage is -20 or colder and Long Term Storage is -40 or colder.

Cryopreserved without DSMO, digestive enzymes, or preservative agents.

Does not need reconstitution.

Particulate Suspension Allograft