Allograft Patch

Without support for successful tissue remondeling, damaged tissues can result in uncontrolled inflammation.

Particulate Suspension Allograft

The scaffolding along with the abundant proteins and growth factors helps to avoid secondary fibroblastic deformation.

The Healing Power of AMNION

Proprietary PurAMP ProcessTM

AmnioAMP-PFTM is a non-structural allograft derived from amniotic fluid that is rich in extracellular matrix components, growth factors, proteins, and cytokines, which facilitate proliferation of cells to the site of injury. AmnioAMP-PFTM works by limiting the body’s inflammatory response and supports the regeneration of healthy tissue.

AmnioAMP-PFTM can be used to support healing of soft tissues in degenerative conditions and in joint and tendon injuries.


Provides a localized anti-inflammatory

Helps with the healing process in soft tissue and supports proper remodeling

Reduces scar tissue formation


AmnioAMP-PFTM can be applied directly at the site of injury, pain or inflammation in a simple in-office procedure.

  • Topical application as a covering over wounds or areas of localized inflammation.


AmnioAMP-PFTM is derived from ammonic fluid from pre-screened donor mothers delivering healthy babies by scheduled Caesarean section.

Features of AmnioAMP-PFTM

Cryopreserved – AmnioAMP-PFTM is cryopreserved for the ultimate in biological viability, with a 5 year shelf life. Product must be kept in a clean freezer with controlled temperature of -40°C or colder for short term storage up to 6 months, or -80°C or colder for long term storage up to 5 years) until ready for use.

Easy to apply – Provided in an easy to apply flowable form, for precisely delivery throughout the intended site.

Chorion – Free.

Immuno-suppressive – has been shown to suppresses immune response & modulate inflammation.

Sterile – is provided in a sterile vial and may be introduced to the sterile field.

Purified Fluid Allograft