Particulate Suspension Allograft

Harness the innate healing power of the human body

CellGenuity offers physicians the most effective biomaterials for improving patient outcomes in regenerative medicine.  Our amniotic products harness the innate healing power of the human body, aiding physicians in their efforts to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.


Particulate Suspension Allograft

Without support for successful tissue remodeling, damaged tissues can result in uncontrolled inflammation leading to disorganized tissue formation and failed clinical outcomes.

AmnioAMP™-FS is a collagen matrix suspension allograft carefully selected
from placental derived biologics and preserved in fluid form. It is rich in
extracellular matrix components that aid in the healing response. The
suspension allograft is characterized by the promotion of significant Anti-
inflammatory activity and regeneration. AmnioAMP™-FS works by limiting
the body’s secondary response to inflammation in the healing process and
greatly reduces the risk of complications and failure.

When applied, the suspension allograft is held in place at the site of injury by its
nature supplied biomechanical scaffolding on which new tissue can occur. The
scaffolding along with the abundant proteins and growth factors helps to avoid
secondary fibroblastic deformation of the tissue and supports proper tissue



Provides a localized anti-inflammatory that significantly lowers the bodies inflammatory response which can lead to rejection and failure

Provides a barrier to reduce scar tissue formation

Helps with the healing process in soft tissue and supports proper remodeling

Provides a biomechanical scaffolding on which new tissue can occur

Intended to supplement or replace damaged or inadequate connective tissue, which makes up the majority of tissues in our body, can be used on-label in most surgical procedures. AmnioAMP-FS™ easily flows through a 25G needle, and can be applied directly into the surgical site for precise targeting and ease of use.  The suspension allograft is held in place at the site of injury by its nature supplied biomechanical scaffolding on which new tissue can occur.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Chronic and acute wounds
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Burns
  • Surgical wounds
  • Muscle Tears


AmnioAMP™-FS is derived from placental derived biologics from pre-screened donor mothers delivering healthy babies by scheduled Caesarean section.


  • ™ is provided in a vial as a ready to use flowable graph, with no prep required.
  • Cryopreserved – AmnioAMP™-FS is cryopreserved for the ultimate in biological viability.¹
  • Easy to apply – Provided in an easy to apply flowable form, for precisely delivery throughout the intended site.
  • Immuno-suppressive – has been shown to suppresses immune response & modulate inflammation.
  • Sterile – is provided in a sterile vial, and may be introduced to the sterile field.
  • Chorion – Free
1.Product must be kept in a clean freezer with controlled temperature of -40°C or colder for short-term storage up to 6 months, or -80°C or colder for long-term storage.


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